Chung Ho-Younger was the fresh new vice chairman regarding law college or university alumni relationship regarding Seoul Nat’l University whosealumni dominate the fresh Korean judiciary

Chung Ho-Younger was the fresh new vice chairman regarding law college or university alumni relationship regarding Seoul Nat’l University whosealumni dominate the fresh Korean judiciary

But not, there’s a small grouping of attorneys of your own rules college off Seoul Nat’l Univ

During nine many years of offense regimes off Lee Myong-Bak and you can Park Keun-Hye, terrible domestic loans keeps doubled and you can federal personal debt, as well as national retirement accountability, keeps tripled, while the amount of luxurious overseas trucks was a few mil in one third mil, for example uprising survival weight so you’re able to the poor and you may particular plentiful benefit to a bit few opportunistic upstart wealth and ruling elites.

The fresh new eleven finest legal evaluator at that time on above image away from most of the 13 best courtroom judges are graduates away from a similar laws university, Seoul Nat’l School, which K CIA master Won Seh-Hoon had went to

10 best judge evaluator such as the head fairness could be the graduates of your own laws school from Seoul Nat’lUniversity out of 14 supreme courtroom judges today.Former chief away from Korean CIA exactly who was a faithful henchman out-of Lee Myong-Bak is sentenced 3 years out-of imprisonment getting money regarding illegal election venture to have Park Keun-Hye, that is a comparable governmental people politician of Lee Myong-Bak. However, all the ultimate court evaluator unanimously do not accept this new phrase towards the reason that the evidence from crime wasn’t adequate sufficient to prove the newest crime.

Lee Myong-Bak designated Kang Guy-Soo the newest Secretary of one’s Treasury after ine church member out-of Lee, in addition to a scholar on legislation school from Seoul Nat’l Univ,that he could use influence to the court evaluator of your exact same college or university since a senior alumnus.He had met with the interviewing his young alumni away from constitutional legal up until the constitutional courtsentenced that the possessions income tax law you to definitely the previous bodies generated together with congress recognized try completely wrong.Generally the property income tax price out-of Korea is gloomier than just one to out of western countries. whoever head tasks are promulgating the new slander you to definitely government situations is biased to the left in the event the personal interests of Korea was in the bottom classification among OECD countries. The most significant Korean newspaper “Chosun Every single day News” as an example just who has been well known for decades for flattering the brand new dictators, and Chae-Bul conglomerates, was actually slandering the previous President Roh Moo-Hyun a whole lot with no obvious evidence of crime you to definitely might possibly be one of the reasons Rohchose so you can going committing suicide because of the jumping off of the cliff in his home town. Chosun Every single day News had stream greatest strength on the slandering leftist bodies and their the fresh assets taxation law which was the actual only real defender up against uncontrollable speculation capital of freshly wealth and you may thegroup of shameless conventional elites.

multiple Chosun development journalists when you look at the relay into the initiation from editor Kim Dae-Joong’s (right) serious and you may habitual insulting and you may mockeries, that’s one reason why this new later Chairman Roh decided to jump off the brand new cliff. >It is its awesome evil power to manipulate the facts to have new money of small percentage off recently riches, corrupt political figures, the fresh new regimes out-of dictators of the exaggerating the possibility of North Korean routine and public movementof the world that was the fresh new signature out-of dictators’s getting fuel and politics for many years.Kim Dae-Joong is one of the oldest alumni out-of law college or university off the new Seoul Nat’l Univ who you may bridgethe old-fashioned group political figures that have this new lawyers out-of rules university of one’s Seoul Nat’l Univ. It’s you to chance you to definitely Chosun Everyday Development caused the fresh techniques from Lee Myong-Bak first off constitutionallitigation to your constitutional judge and has neutralized assets taxation politics regarding Roh Moo-Hyun and finally possess twofold the expense of a residential property, performing utmost success load to an effective majority of Korean someone.Kim Dae-Joong made enjoyable of your own late President Roh Moo-Hyun for decades constantly in an exceedingly crappy fashion as much as the showing-off brand new pressed bravery that he’s one whom perform the job.